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Serka Tanchi Reservations page

Reach out to us for a taste of home and comfort.

Reach out to us to book a table and experience the warmth of our family recipes in a cozy setting with smooth jazz music.

Restaurant Sections

  • Living Room
    The main dining area with 6 tables

  • Side Room
    Section with 3 tables for a cozier feel. Privacy for groups of 4 persons up to 10 persons

  • Balcony
    Section with 2 tables to enjoy the fresh air like the good old days

Family Comfort

Crafted with love, our dishes bring comfort and warmth to every bite. Join us at Serka Tanchi for a cozy and relaxing dining experience.



Kitchen hours
Tuesday — Friday
7:00 am — 2:30 pm

Saturday — Sunday
9:00 am — 1:30 pm